Month: June 2016

“You know, um, veniculars-like, thingies you look through to see far away stuff. I don’t know!”: How to help school-aged kids to find their words

All of us forget the names of things occasionally. But, as with many adults with aphasia, some children have serious problems finding words. Major word-finding problems can wreak havoc on a child’s academic and social participation. In primary school and...

/ 30 June 2016

Why does the Lidcombe Program for childhood stuttering work: a case of “words will never hurt me”?

The Lidcombe Program is an effective stuttering treatment for children under 6 years of age. Lidcombe Program treatment is 7.5 times more likely to reduce stuttering than natural recovery (Onslow et al., 2012). You can read more about the Lidcombe Program...

/ 21 June 2016

Learn to love being stuck in traffic with your kids: here’s how

If, like me, you live in a city with limited public transport and terrible roads, you’ll spend lots of time in the car with your kids. For some of us, that time can feel wasted. Lost. Dead. But it doesn’t...

/ 13 June 2016