Month: November 2016

If my close relative, Bob, had a stroke causing aphasia, what would I want from his speech pathologist?

If my close relative – let’s call him Bob – had a stroke that included language loss (“aphasia“), I would want him to see a speech pathologist as soon as possible. I would want his speech pathologist to: be up-to-date on...

/ 16 November 2016

24 practical ways to help school-aged children cope with language and reading problems at school and home

Too many school-age children struggle to understand instructions, express their thoughts and feelings, read and/or write. So what can parents and teachers do to help at home and at school? A. Knowledge is power: first, learn more about the child’s...

/ 9 November 2016

Don’t let poor writing hold you back – how to get help

To get ahead in most workplaces, secondary and technical colleges, and universities, you need to communicate well. This includes writing effectively. Sometimes, even tiny mistakes can have big negative effects. I once had a boss who would (literally) toss job...

/ 2 November 2016