Month: February 2017

The forgotten reading skill: fluency, and why it matters

Without Google or Wikipedia, can you name all the members of the Jackson 5? Everyone knows Michael. Most of us over the age of 35 know Jermaine. After a bit of effort, some of us will remember Tito and Marlon....

/ 27 February 2017

Teaching the alphabet to your child? Here’s what you need to know

1. Letter names are not the same as speech sounds  In English: writing takes the form of a sound-based, alphabetic code. The letters we use are to a large extent determined by how words sound; letters of the alphabet have names...

/ 19 February 2017

Is your child struggling to read? Here’s what works

On reflection, I’m incredibly lucky. Both my parents were teachers. Growing up, my house was full of chatter, stories and books. My early state school education in regional Victoria was long on “old school” phonics and short on fads. I learned...

/ 8 February 2017