Month: June 2017

Before Big School, does your preschooler need help with pre-reading skills? Introducing PreLit sessions

True to our founding principles, we’ve invested to upgrade our skills. We’re now thrilled to offer a new, evidence-based early literacy preparation program for preschoolers based in the communities we serve. It’s called PreLit, by MultiLit. What is PreLit? PreLit...

/ 21 June 2017

“My son (daughter) has been diagnosed with a developmental language disorder. How much treatment should he (she) get? How often?”

Until very recently, the answer to these very important questions has been: “We don’t know.” (See, for example, Warren et al., 2007.) This is unsatisfactory for several reasons: Parents need to know how often their child should see a speech pathologist,...

/ 15 June 2017

For reading, school and life success, which words should we teach our kids? How should we do it?

To do well at school and in life, kids and adults need to know and to use lots of words. The words we know and use – our vocabulary – has a big impact on our success at school and...

/ 4 June 2017