Month: July 2017

Help your child to fill in the gaps, join the dots, and read between the lines! (Improve inferencing skills for better reading and language comprehension)

Roughly 10% of primary school-aged kids have poor reading and oral language comprehension skills relative to age-appropriate word-reading skills (Cain, 2009). These kids – poor “comprehenders” – are often not picked up within classrooms because they can sound out (“decode”) words and...

/ 30 July 2017

Why preschoolers with unclear speech are at risk of later reading problems: red flags to seek help

For over 20 years we’ve known that preschoolers with speech sound disorders have an increased risk of later reading difficulties (e.g. Bird et al., 1995). Why do speech problems contribute to reading problems? Spoken words and written words rely on the same...

/ 16 July 2017

“I don’t understand what I’m reading” – reading comprehension problems (and what to do about them)

The whole point of reading – for education, work, social activities, self-improvement, community participation, or entertainment – is of course to understand the words that you’re reading. Reading comprehension is crucial for success at school and life. Reading comprehension depends...

/ 1 July 2017