Month: November 2017

Dual-qualified Georgia Clarke joins our paediatric speech pathology team

To top off a fantastic (if hectic!) few months of change and growth at Banter, we have yet more exciting news to announce: Georgia Clarke has now joined our team in our new paediatric clinic in North Strathfield! Georgia is:...

/ 16 November 2017

Stuttering: will my child recover? Factors that predict recovery and why you shouldn’t wait

About 4% to 8% of children stutter at some point during early childhood (Yairi & Ambrose, 2013). Stuttering usually starts without warning between the ages of 2 1/2 and 4 years of age. Here’s the good news: at least 80%...

/ 12 November 2017

Yes to the Phonics Screening Check: my ‘Why’ in 10 points

A few readers have asked for my views on the proposed Phonics Screening Check for all Year 1 students in Australia. I’m against testing kids for testing’s sake. I know many overworked, and under-resourced teachers oppose the check for a...

/ 5 November 2017