Category: Research Reviews

8 things parents should know about effective language therapy for children: Part I

What can we do to make child language therapy as effective as possible for our clients and their families? Having reviewed some of the latest research on this important question, we’ve identified 8 key elements.  Here are the first 4:...

/ 12 August 2014

FAQ: how to check whether a language, reading or learning program is worth your cash

There are hundreds of products and services out there for children with language, reading and/or learning difficulties.  Some are breathtakingly expensive.  Many are marketed with flashy brochures and websites, complete with photos of happy kids and glowing parent testimonials.  But...

/ 1 August 2014

Banter Research Review 1: Stuttering Relapse – Video Self-Modelling vs Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

As we’ve said before, speech restructuring techniques like the Camperdown Program are effective, evidence-based interventions for adults who stutter (O’Brian et al., 2003).  But around one-third of adults treated with speech restructuring relapse within 6-12 months (Onslow et al., 1996)....

/ 20 March 2014