Category: Social Skills

“He has no idea about others’ feelings!” Theory of Mind gaps: FAQs and treatment resources

“Theory of Mind” (ToM) is often misunderstood.  It’s about whether you can recognise what you and others are thinking and feeling in different situations. You need a Theory of Mind to understand what you want and feel; and what others...

/ 30 November 2015

Is your child ready for school? What Kindergarten teachers say

Around this time of the year, many parents of 4-5 year olds are pulling their (sometimes scant) hair out trying to decide whether their children should start school next year.  Experts of all stripes claim to be able to tell...

/ 5 October 2015

Low-tech body language tips you can use immediately to improve your life

When many people my age or older think about body language, they think of the so-called body language experts from the 80’s and their wild claims and awful mail order products.  Sure, the 80’s had a lot going for it...

/ 17 November 2014