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Helping children and adults speak for themselves. Make an appointment today.

Call us on (02) 8757-3838 or email Our speech pathology clinic is located at Level 1, 85 Queen Street, North Strathfield – on the corner of Queen Street and Wellbank Street (entrance on Wellbank Street). The clinic is directly opposite...

/ 1 January 2017

Let’s cut to the chase: when should I seek help from a speech pathologist for my child?

Speech pathologists help people with communication problems. But many of us are not very good at explaining what we do in Plain English: We use too many long, pointless words. We call ourselves different things in different countries. We can’t...

/ 29 August 2016

Defrazzle and reconnect: tips for families to talk to each other to stimulate language development

The irony of spending time away from my family to write this post about increasing communication at home isn’t lost on me.  Nor is the truth about how hard it is to do this stuff in practice! I suspect our...

/ 12 October 2015