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Reading Problems and What to do About Them. Research-based Answers to 24 Frequently Asked Questions.

My loved one has reading problems. Where can I find evidence-based answers to get help? New free eBook

Instantly download our new, 188-page, free eBook here: What is it? There’s so much information out there about reading difficulties, including dyslexia. It’s hard to sort: the good stuff – based on independent, peer-reviewed evidence; from the nonsense – the fads,...

/ 13 August 2017

15 practical ways to help your son discover a passion for reading

One of my sons would sooner have chewed off his right arm than sit down to read a book – until he discovered Andy Griffiths’ wonderful Treehouse series.  Now we have to pry the latest book out of his hands...

/ 15 September 2015

33 of our best free articles to get you up to speed on child speech, language, voice and reading delays, and stuttering

We’ve published heaps of free information about child communication delays and problems.  But who can be bothered trawling through a website? So 1990s. Here are direct, free links to 33 of our most popular information sheets and articles.  All in one convenient place. If...

/ 6 August 2014

Do we spend too much time on rhyming books? What else should we do to prepare pre-schoolers to read?

Duck in the Truck The Cat in the Hat Madeline, with her vines and twelve little girls in two straight lines All great, fun books to read aloud – my sons love them; and so do I. But do we...

/ 18 February 2014

So what do Speech Pathologists do?

That’s a question we get asked a lot.  I’m not surprised. Compared to other professions, like medicine or law, Speech Pathology is a young profession.  The scope of what we do keeps expanding as more research is published on speech,...

/ 16 February 2014