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Reading Problems and What to do About Them. Research-based Answers to 24 Frequently Asked Questions.

My loved one has reading problems. Where can I find evidence-based answers to get help? New free eBook

Instantly download our new, 188-page, free eBook here: What is it? There’s so much information out there about reading difficulties, including dyslexia. It’s hard to sort: the good stuff – based on independent, peer-reviewed evidence; from the nonsense – the fads,...

/ 13 August 2017

“I’m not a child!” How to get help for a teenager or adult you love who can’t read

Imagine for a moment that you can’t read or write; even at a basic level: How would you apply for, find or hold down work? If you found work, how could you review your employment contract? How would you communicate...

/ 24 April 2017

How to find out if your child has a reading problem (and how to choose the right treatment approach)

There’s so much nonsense out there about kids’ reading problems and treatments. Unfortunately, lots of education, technology, and health businesses cash in on parents’ concerns by selling them expensive products and services unsupported by research evidence. We get lots of...

/ 8 April 2017

Breaking the vicious cycle for older kids with reading problems: how to help

Older kids with reading problems get trapped in a vicious cycle: because these students don’t read well, they generally don’t read much. They miss out on countless opportunities for reading practice and for learning from what they have read (Anderson...

/ 13 March 2017

The forgotten reading skill: fluency, and why it matters

Without Google or Wikipedia, can you name all the members of the Jackson 5? Everyone knows Michael. Most of us over the age of 35 know Jermaine. After a bit of effort, some of us will remember Tito and Marlon....

/ 27 February 2017

Is your child struggling to read? Here’s what works

On reflection, I’m incredibly lucky. Both my parents were teachers. Growing up, my house was full of chatter, stories and books. My early state school education in regional Victoria was long on “old school” phonics and short on fads. I learned...

/ 8 February 2017