Tag: Receptive Language

How to help your school-age child learn new words – the nuts and bolts of how I actually do it in therapy

Many school-age children have problems learning new words. In particular, children with language delays and disorders often struggle with vocabulary (e.g. Haynes, 1992). So how can we help them? Evidence-based strategies 1. Choose words the child needs to understand for...

/ 16 March 2015

Why can’t my child understand what others are saying?

Some children have problems understanding what their parents, teachers, friends and others say to them.  For example, they might listen attentively to a teacher telling the class a short story but not be able to tell you what happened, who...

/ 14 July 2014

So what do Speech Pathologists do?

That’s a question we get asked a lot.  I’m not surprised. Compared to other professions, like medicine or law, Speech Pathology is a young profession.  The scope of what we do keeps expanding as more research is published on speech,...

/ 16 February 2014