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Free Banter Telehealth Solidarity Support Pack: Picture Description Stimulus Resources for a range of language, speech, and stuttering targets at the sentence and discourse levels

It’s tough being a speech pathologist in private practice at the moment. But we’re all in this together! 

To support the profession, and our collective clients, we are pleased to offer this free resource for instant download.

This “no-preparation” pack features 30 interesting, high-quality photographs that can be used for picture description tasks at all levels – from single words, all the way up to making inferences.

The resource is suitable for face-to-face practice and telehealth. It can be printed, displayed on a computer, iPad or other tablet, phone or other smart device, or shared onscreen via telehealth video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Coviu and Skype.

Obviously, you will want to pitch your questions about the pictures at a level that will promote your student’s or child’s language or fluency. To help find the right level of question to ask, we have adapted Marion Blank’s four levels of questioning.

Most of you will be Blanks experts. But, for those who are maybe not as familiar with the framework, this model is based on the idea that kids first learn to understand and use language in very concrete ways based on what they see, hear and touch, etc. As they develop, kids learn to use language to understand and express more abstract ideas (e.g. to make predictions, draw inferences, and to explain ideas and events that you can’t see, smell or touch). You can read more about Blanks framework here.

We’ve been using this resource in language and stuttering telehealth sessions for more than a year with good results.

 We hope you find this resource as helpful as we do. More importantly, stay safe and healthy during this difficult time!


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