We assess and treat children and adults for problems with their:

as well as other communication delays, disorders, disabilities, problems or concerns.


We assess clients to:

  • evaluate whether they have a language, speech, literacy, stuttering or other disorder and, if so,
  • recommend how best to treat or manage it.

To assess a client properly, we need to identify any problem and to understand how it affects the client’s participation in his or her real world activities, e.g. at home, pre-school, school or work. To save clients time (and money), we ask new clients to fill in a detailed questionnaire before their first assessment session to give us enough information to plan appropriate assessments.

Depending on a client’s needs, we use a combination of formal and informal assessment methods, including standardised assessments, interviews, observations, analyses of language and speech samples, perceptual assessments, and tailored tests to produce a holistic picture of a client’s communicative strengths and weaknesses across a range of environments.

One-to-one speech, oral language, voice and stuttering therapy

If a client is assessed as having a disorder – and the research evidence supports an effective treatment for it – we will work with the client’s family to develop a management plan, with specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goals appropriate for the client.

A standard one-to-one-therapy session is 30 minutes, during which we will normally pursue 3 or 4 goals. Depending on the client’s needs and priorities, sessions can be highly structured and drill-based, involve more natural play/functional activities or (as is usually the case) a combination of both.

Spalding training for reading, writing and spelling 

As a Spalding-trained speech pathologist, David offers 45 minute, weekly sessions to support children and adults with reading, writing and/or spelling difficulties as well as mainstream children who simply want the benefits of a teaching method that combines explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary development, text fluency, comprehension strategies and an appreciation of great writing. More detail on this service is provided here. 

Group therapy

Throughout the year, we offer short blocks of small group sessions, e.g. for school readiness and social skills training. Please contact us for details, including the timing of upcoming programs.

School-based services

We love collaborating with teachers, teachers’ aides and schools to provide advice, recommendations, activity suggestions and therapies consistent with the curriculum, and specific to a school or client’s needs.  For example, we offer a kindergarten language and speech screening service to assist schools identify children at risk for language, learning and literacy disorders.

We also work with teachers to provide intensive, one-to-one and small group therapies to children who need support. We also offer a free consultation service to teachers and teachers aides in the local area who want to discuss any speech language issues or just need a “sounding board”. For clients referred to us by teachers, we offer a discounted diagnostic oral language assessment.

Banter Speech & Language Banter Speech & Language
Banter Speech & Language is an independent firm of speech pathologists for adults and children. We help clients in our local area, including Concord, Rhodes, Strathfield and all other suburbs of Sydney’s Inner West.

Banter Speech & Language is owned and managed by David Kinnane, a Hanen- and LSVT LOUD-certified speech-language pathologist with post-graduate training in the Spalding Method for literacy, the Lidcombe and Camperdown Programs for stuttering, and Voicecraft for voice disorders. David is also a Certified PESL Instructor for accent modification.

David holds a Master of Speech Language Pathology from the University of Sydney, where he was a Dean’s Scholar. David is a Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia and a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (CPSP).

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