(L234) Auditory Bombardment: Conjunctions – While


Some children have difficulties putting their words into the right order in sentences, for instance, making complex sentences like “The girl ate an ice-cream while she talked to her mother”.

In this audio recording, children can listen to how “while” can be used in sentences about time.

For this grammar goal, we provide a short .m4a recording and a script with pictures, so that, daily, children can:

  • simply listen to the recording as they play nearby or sit in the car;
  • listen to our recording as they look at the pictures; or
  • have a family member read the script to the child in a shared reading format.
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At around 48-60 months of age, most typically-developing kids start to use ‘while’ in sentences, e.g. “The girl ate an ice-cream while she talked to her mother.”. But some kids don’t, including many kids with developing language disorders and kids learning English as an additional language. This .m4a audio recording (female voice, Australian accent) and illustrated script are designed to help.

Playing audio recordings to a child daily – at home, in the car, in the classroom, or clinic – only takes a couple of minutes a day. Easy-to-use, ready-made auditory bombardment recordings like this are also designed to help parents and carers who might lack confidence working on grammar, or who don’t speak English fluently.

Evidence shows that brief periods of auditory bombardment targeting a particular grammatical goal can help kids to learn it, especially if used in conjunction with other speech pathology techniques, like recasting (Plante et al., 2018). For more information on using recasting and modelling via auditory bombardment to improve kids’ expression and grammar skills, check out our article here.

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