David Kinnane
David Kinnane: Principal Speech Pathologist

David's special interests include helping clients with developmental language disorder (DLD) and reading and writing challenges (including dyslexia); supporting school students and adults who stutter; and working with young adults and adults to pursue their study, professional, and life goals.

Vivien Wong
Vivien Wong: Senior Speech Pathologist

Vivien's special interests include supporting bilingual and multilingual clients; working with clients with selective mutism; helping clients with language challenges associated with ADHD, working memory, and other executive functioning issues; and supporting preschoolers who stutter.

Juliana Li
Juliana Li: Senior Speech Pathologist

Juliana's special interests include working with children and adults who are neurodiverse; partnering with clients to provide functional, tailored, and strength-based supports; helping clients with childhood apraxia of speech and severe speech sound disorders; and delivering peer-mediated, computer-game-based communication opportunities for people of all ages to increase their social inclusion.

Cherie Finocchiaro
Cherie Finocchiaro: Speech Pathologist

Cherie's special interests include providing practical, evidence-based voice therapies for professional voice users like teachers and other professionals; supporting people with Parkinson's disease; and helping clients to increase their participation in group activities like sports and performing arts to improve their 'real-world' speech and language abilities.

Sasha Sugita
Sasha Sugita: Speech Pathologist

Sasha’s special interests include supporting children with reading difficulties, helping preschoolers to get ready for school, and supporting families of late talkers with child-centred early language stimulation interventions and parent training. Sasha also has a particular interest in supporting adults with primary progressive aphasia and dementia.

Scout the Lyrebird Banter Speech & Language
Jana and Jillian: Operations

Jana and Jillian are happy to answer your questions about our services and resources, book appointments, provide directions and welcome you to our clinic. They are represented here by Scout, our mascot. Like the lyrebird, they are too shy to be photographed, but like to chat.