The Lidcombe Program for Stuttering: My 10 Favourite Therapy Activities


10 activity ideas for Lidcombe Program-trained parents to use at home with their children who stutter.

Also for speech-language pathologists and student speech pathologists.

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For parents who have been trained in delivering the Lidcombe Program for stuttering to their children, it can be hard to think up specific activity ideas.  Parents often ask me for a list of activities they can use during the early days of Stage 1 of the treatment at home, and that’s the main reason I’ve pulled this free resource together.

I also wrote this resource to help other speech-language pathologists – including those in rural and remote communities – who don’t see many kids who stutter, and student speech pathologists.

If you finish these activities and are looking for more, or if you are delivering the Lidcombe Program via Skype or webcam, you may like to check out our Lidcombe Program Stuttering Activities, Volume 2 at our sister site’s Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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