12 Days of Tips for Speech Pathologists in Private Practice: Day 7 – Learning Short Cuts

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How can we get better as speech pathologists and professionals in private practice?

Here are 15 short cuts we’ve used over the years:

  1. Say “yes” to new experiences related to your interests but out of your comfort zone (Sivers).
  2. Seek out wise mentors and supervisors who’ve ‘been there, and done that’.
  3. Follow the work of speech pathologists you admire and wish to emulate.
  4. Read about great figures in history: “make geniuses your friends” (Durant).
  5. Learn from thinkers in other disciplines and build a ‘latticework’ of key mental models to think through complex problems (Munger).
  6. Journal every morning to clear your mind of nonsense (Cameron).
  7. Pretend to explain things you know a lot about to a 5-year-old (Feynman).
  8. Teach others, and share what you know.
  9. Practice deliberately (Ericsson).
  10. Make time for daily periods of ‘deep work’ with no distractions (Newport).
  11. Learn how the world works and align your goals to realities (Tussman).
  12. Share your best stuff with the world – don’t hoard it (Dillard).
  13. Don’t shy away from adversity (Taleb).
  14. Examine your biases, and listen to and read the opinions of smart people you don’t agree with.
  15. Read widely and actively by explaining new information to a colleague in your own words.

Do you have any other short cuts you use to improve your skills as a speech pathologist?

For more tips and short cuts, read our book ‘How to Supervise Speech Pathologists Properly in Private Practice‘.

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