Classic Audiobook Resource Pack for preschoolers

Classic Audiobook Resource Pack for Preschoolers

It’s hard to find time to read storybooks every day.

This is especially true for parents who are working long hours or shifts, and parents who may have language, reading or other communication challenges. For parents who are struggling to find the time or energy to read with their kids regularly, we recommend audiobooks.

We are pleased to present our classic audiobook resource pack for preschoolers – 20 free audiobook links curated by our speech pathologists to give preschoolers exposure to enriched vocabulary, complex sentence structures, “story grammar” and important background knowledge of the world, including cultural references many of us take for granted. Also includes practical comprehension and inferencing tips.

Stimulate language development by listening to audiobooks of classic stories at home, preschool, or in the car.

Thanks to our amazing speech pathologist, Sasha Sugita, for compiling the resource.

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To read more about the stories featured, see our longer article here.


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