Defrazzle: Stuck in a rut? Do something random!

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When the kids were toddler-young, we lived in Hong Kong. Every Sunday, we’d choose a random train station on the map, load up the pram, and head out the door. We never knew what to expect, which is what made the trips so fun and memorable.

Last weekend, we decided to dust off the old family tradition and go somewhere in Sydney we’d never explored on foot. So, with a couple of hours to spare on a Sunday afternoon, we headed off to…


West Ryde, easily accessible by train on the Sydney Trains T9 Northern Line.


Sunday afternoon.


$63 (pub lunch). $10 DVD movie rental. Both optional!

What we did, saw and chatted about (highlights):

First, we demolished cheese burgers, roast beef and schnitzels at the (surprisingly) cozy and family-friendly West Ryde Hotel while watching an accident-ridden V8 Supercars race.

Next, we explored the history, art and science of joining and borrowing “videos” from Civic Video (2020 note: sadly no longer in existence); as well as surveying the amazing array of American processed snacks and lollies.

Then we window-shopped the A-1 Restaurant and Club supplies and Taffa’s Mitre Ten hardware store, founded in 1955 and still run by the Taffa family.

Last, we explored the wonderful Doctor Who shop, established in June 2015 by manager-owner, Tim Barkley.

Language concepts:

“Borrowing movies” (a foreign and unsettling concept for son-2!); time travel; perpetual calendar; sonic screwdrivers; companions; Weeping Angels; K-9 slippers; Tardis Ugg boots; Leader-Follower (Davros and Daleks); the Tardis; artificial flavours and preservatives; “New Releases”; “Weeklies”; passwords; yellow flags; safety cars; pop-up-shops; window-shopping; ordinal numbers (the first, second, third, Doctors Who); the 12 Labours of Hercules; Pokemon categories and sub-categories (electric v leaf v normal, etc.); Kung Fu Panda sequels; different genres (sci-fi v comedy v animation); days of the week (deadlines for returning DVDs); opening hours; membership cards and liquidation sales (defunct scuba tour shop).


Line-up, smash, crash, borrow, refund, join, regenerate (Doctor Who again!), weeping (Angels), blink, refill, “load up” (on sugar), re-start (race), open, close, time-jump.

A fun afternoon out!

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