The Awesome Australian Gore-Boar

New Scatter-Slayer Adventure: The Awesome Australian Gore-Boar

Introducing The Awesome Australian Gore-Boar:

“The Awesome Australian Gore-Boar unlocked his jaws and roared. You are not sure if the awful beast is sore at you or the witch.”

Learning to decode words using knowledge of the extended code doesn’t have to be dull.

In this, the ninth and latest of our select-your-sequel Scatter-Slayer series of adventure stories, we focus on words containing the “or” sound (aw, au, or, ore, oar).

We’ve added:

  • screen friendliness, so that our stories can be played on phones, iPads, other devices, laptops, and smart boards (as well as in print if you prefer);
  • simple sound effects and black-and-white animations (in Google Slides) to increase engagement without distracting readers from the text (or letting them guess from the pictures);
  • second person perspective, so readers are reading about themselves (“you”);
  • length (53 pages), so you can work on reading fluency (rate, accuracy, and expression) at the same time as word decoding;
  • text in a large, sans serif font with lots of white space and not too many words per page;
  • suspense, drama, intrigue, and silliness increases interest;
  • some Tier 2 vocabulary to help stimulate oral language development; and
  • choice, so readers (and parents, educators) are in control of which tale comes next.

We designed this inexpensive resource for students who are learning or revising the extended code, including older students with reading difficulties, and students who are interested in fantasy and adventure tales.

Here’s a preview:

We hope you like it!


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