No guessing! How to build early reading accuracy, then speed with a FREE resource

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This may shock you, but I’m not a gym guy. It’s hard and boring and I’m not good at it! 

If I can talk my way out of going, I will! Even though I know that going to the gym will help me with my long term fitness goals.

For beginning readers, early decoding is just as hard. If students can find a way to avoid it, they will! 

Beginning readers and poor readers try to guess words from pictures in books or first letters or vague ‘word shapes’. 

But these so-called ‘strategies’ are bad habits, and aren’t really reading. They don’t work for long – especially when picture books and readers are replaced by textbooks and novels, and complex sentences replace simple ones. 

So, as soon as my students can blend CVC words, I increase the reps. 

Then I step up to sentences without picture cues – to check that they are really reading. Then I repeat the readings to build reading speed – but insist on word-by-word decoding until they achieve 100% accuracy with no guessing.

If you want to check that a beginning reader is really reading, download our free resource:

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