The Story Wizards' Master Story Builder

The Story Wizards’ Master Story Builder

Humans are wired to tell stories. But some children struggle to understand or narrate stories, including many children with developmental language and other learning disorders, and some children who are learning English as a second language.

This resource is designed to support children to learn the fundamentals of story-telling, with evidence-based scaffolds, scripted modelling, and idea prompts to make up an unlimited number of stories.

To help children understand and tell stories we start with an evidence-based recipe to teach students the “macrostructure” of good stories: Our Story Builder.

We explicitly model story telling before jumping into it. Many children with language and learning delays struggle with some of the jargon academics use when discussing stories – orientation, complication, etc. We’ve tried to translate the jargon into simple language to help children understand.

Fundamentally, this resource is all about learning by doing.  Many children (and adults) fear the blank page. So we have included lots of story building elements and suggestions to get (and keep) going. Suitable for one-to-one, small group and whole class work, this resource is a versatile tool for every teacher and therapist’s toolbox.


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