Overcoming Resistance

12 Days of Tips for Speech Pathologists in Private Practice: Day 3 – Overcoming Resistance

What should we do when we get jammed? When we hit a professional wall?

Practising speech pathology properly in private practice is an act of ethical courage. It takes commitment and integrity.

When we strive to do important work, we hit resistance. In “The War of Art”, Steven Pressfield says that resistance takes many forms, including:

  • fear;
  • doubt;
  • procrastination;
  • addiction;
  • distraction;
  • timidity;
  • ego;
  • narcissism;
  • perfectionism; and
  • hiding our talents.

To combat resistance, we must show up and do the work anyway. We must:

  • start and keep going;
  • act in the face of fear;
  • keep practising;
  • seek out support;
  • not take failure personally;
  • be stubborn about standards;
  • remember and hold to the mission; and
  • stay and turn pro.

For 29 practical tips to turn pro and fight resistance, check out our article here.

Check back tomorrow for tips about proper supervision. In the meantime, here’s a link to our book “How to Supervise Speech Pathologists Properly in Private Practice“.

What’s holding you back from doing your best work in 2022?


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