Over the last five years, we’ve written hundreds of articles summarising some of the most interesting research published about speech, language, literacy, stuttering, and voice. 

But who has time to read it? Even we get lost looking for some of our articles!

To make life easier for our clients and readers, we’re pleased to present new, one-page infographics summarising our most popular articles. We call them Banter Evidence Snapshots. 

And we’ll be publishing two a week, starting now!

If you’d prefer to receive Banter Evidence Snapshots via social media, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Banter Evidence Snapshot: Why preschoolers with unclear speech are at risk of later reading problems: red flags to seek help

To read our full article, check out: Why preschoolers with unclear speech are at risk of later reading problems: red flags to seek help

Banter Speech & Language Banter Speech & Language
Banter Speech & Language is an independent firm of speech pathologists for adults and children. We help clients in our local area, including Concord, Concord West, North Strathfield, Rhodes, and Strathfield, and all other suburbs of Sydney.

Banter Speech & Language is owned and managed by David Kinnane, a Hanen- and LSVT LOUD-certified speech-language pathologist with post-graduate training in the PreLit early literacy preparation program by MultiLit, the Spalding Method for literacy, the Lidcombe and Camperdown Programs for stuttering, and Voicecraft for voice disorders. David is also a Certified PESL Instructor for accent modification.

David holds a Master of Speech Language Pathology from the University of Sydney, where he was a Dean’s Scholar. David is a Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia and a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (CPSP). David is a part-time Associate Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney’s Graduate School of Health. David sits on Speech Pathology Australia’s Ethics Board and Professional Standards Advisory Committee.

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