My child’s speech is hard to understand. Which therapy approach is appropriate

My child’s speech is hard to understand. Which therapy approach is appropriate?

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Speech sound disorders are some of the most common communication disorders for preschoolers.

Having a speech sound disorder increases risks for later difficulties with school performance, reading, social skills, and employment opportunities. Early help from a speech pathologist is recommended.

No universal treatment solution exists for speech sound disorders, in part because of the:

  • diversity of people with speech issues; and
  • number of speech sound disorder subtypes and causes, including motor programming issues (as in childhood apraxia of speech), and speech issues associated with sensory or anatomical differences (e.g. hearing impairments and cleft palates).

For the majority of children with speech sound disorders, there is no known cause. 

Speech error types include:

  • articulation-based errors that don’t on their own have a major impact on speech clarity, like lisps; and
  • phonologically-based, patterns of errors, which affect multiple speech sounds across different classes, and which can make children hard to understand. 

Some children make both types of errors. 

Which approaches are appropriate?

Summaries of these treatment approaches are available here on our website (see ‘Related articles’ below). In practice, many speech pathologists ‘mix and match’ different approaches to tailor therapy for the client in front of them.

We need more, higher quality research studies to guide us on which approaches are more effective than others, and when, to help children with speech sound disorders. 

For an accessible audio version of the infographic, check out our video below:

YouTube video

Principal source: Cabbage, K.L. and DeVeney, S.L (2020). Treatment Approach Considerations for Children with Speech Sound Disorders in School-Based Settings. Topics in Language Disorders, 40(4), 312-325.

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