Month: October 2016

Double trouble? Why twins are at an increased risk of language disorders (and what you can do to help them)

For more than 80 years, we’ve known that – on average – twins develop language more slowly than single children (e.g. Day, 1932). More recent studies have shown that: twins – particularly boys – have a higher risk of developmental...

/ 24 October 2016

Lidcombe Program stuttering activities: Volume 2 printable activities for face-to-face and Skype therapy now available

When we published The Lidcombe Program for stuttering: my 10 favourite therapy activities back in 2014, we had no idea how popular it would be. Thousands of people from more than 20 countries have downloaded our free resource. Feedback has been...

/ 12 October 2016

Books with verbs to level up your child’s language development: 24 of the best

Yes, OK! I know I go on and on about the power of verbs to power (drive, propel, and kick-start) language development. I can’t stop (or cease, or desist, or refrain from) it! Yes, lots of kids and adults benefit from targeted practice....

/ 5 October 2016