School Readiness Oral Language and Pre-literacy Essentials

School Readiness Oral Language and Pre-literacy Essentials: 13 Resources Pack!

Is your child starting school in 2022? 

If so, we’ve written a school readiness essentials resource pack designed to help you and your child to make the most of your next few months together to get ready for big school.

Why does school readiness matter?

School readiness predicts academic outcomes (e.g. Snow, 2006); and is a strong indicator of ongoing and future success (e.g. Prior et al., 1993). A child’s oral language competencies (listening and talking) and pre-reading skills are key predictors of school readiness (Prior et al., 2011; Dilnot et al., 2017).

What’s in the Essentials Pack?

We’ve selected 10 oral language and three bonus pre-literacy resources written specifically for children starting school next year (over 300 pages of resources): 

All chosen by our speech pathologists to help support your child’s oral language and pre-literacy development before school starts next year.

For the month of November, the Essentials Pack will be 20% off. Check it out:

Looking for more information and resources?

Check out our 20-module self-paced course: The School Readiness Language Workshop

Read our free guides and articles:

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